Can you fit a wardrobe in the van?


Of course we can! Our vans fit anything up to a huge 5 METERS long. Easy!

Big Sofas, Wardrobes, American fridges, Lawnmower Tractors, Treadmills, Pallets both Euro and Standard

How big is the van?

Our choice of vans are long wheelbase 5 Meter High top vans. all clean

Do you you have someone with you to help?


We have Plenty of friendly staff that will help you lift your heavy furniture in and out of your house/office.

Do you have a Forklift licence?


We have staff with a forklift driving licence and professional experence of more than 10 years.

Do you do long distance?


We go all over the UK & Ireland with many types of jobs. From removals to pallets to jetskis we do the lot! There's not a lot our company doesn't do

Can one of your team dismantale/reassemble furniture?

We can however.
The company does not have insurance to do so, its entirly up to the Cahills team on the day, if they can do it.

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